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Kalvin A.

ENCLOMIPHENE Liquid | 12.5mg/ml

Favorite source so far

Strate labs seems to have the most professional and speediest ordering and packaging of any other source I’ve used and my LH/test levels are up so it’s definitely working 💪

Tony E.

Tadalafil Liquid | 20mg/ml

Great pump

Use it every other day because the half life is 36 hours and always get an amazing pump. Grade A stuff

Marco C.

CARDARINE Tablets | 10mg x60

Gw is great

Very professional service and delivery was on point was placed order to actual delivery.. will be coming back for more .

Brian B.

LETROZOLE Liquid | 2mg/ml


Quality as usual got alittle nervous after alittle micro dosing because you have to be careful with this stuff. Not nervous any more!! Strate does it again!

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MK-677 Capsules | 25mg x60
Semaglutide by Semathin | 4mg
BPC-157 | 5mg
ENCLOMIPHENE Liquid | 12.5mg/ml
Tadalafil Liquid | 20mg/ml
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