Pursuit of excellence.

Strate laboratories quality mission is to deliver the highest quality reference materials for life science research. As a leader in the market we are proud to drive innovation through a commitment to client goals, scientific rigor, sustainable operations and public advocacy.

We strive for continuous improvement in this Mission by maintaining our core values of: Quality First, People Matter, and Pursuit of Excellence. We hold our client’s expectations as one of our top priorities. 

Receiving and Sampling

When we receive new raw material, we place it in quarantine – a clearly marked area separated from approved raw materials. Materials in this area are only handled by employees who gather samples for testing and cannot be used in production or sent to clients until all testing procedures and documentation is complete.

Any given shipment of raw material can contain several containers of the same product. To be sure all the material is up to our quality standards, samples are taken from every container. A composite sample is then blended from these samples and sent to a third party lab for analysis.

Each sample goes through several tests. Different products undergo different analyses based on the product’s chemical composition and properties. A product’s specification data sheet discloses which tests are performed and our minimum standards. These specifications are publicly posted for every product on the product listing page.

Any Questions?

Shoot us a message or email and one of our representatives will respond within 24 hours! 

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