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  • Testosterone induces anabolism by boosting the levels of serum androgens, while Turkesterone stimulates anabolism by instigating estrogen beta-receptor. The ecdysteroids further enhance protein synthesis and prevent hormones that impede muscle growth like myostatin and cortisol.
  • Each Capsule Contains 500mg of Turkesterone

Contains: 60 Capsules

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Turkesterone comes through plants and is not a product made in labs. It is an ecdysteroid in nature that boosts protein synthesis rather than binding to androgen receptors like anabolic steroids. Considering this, you may wonder, is Turkesterone safe?

Essentially, the safety revolving around Turkesterone is still a question. Unless some extensive research comes forward, nothing would clear the self-made narratives pertaining to its safety.

A 2006-based experiment assessed the effects of three anabolic compounds, namely sulfo-polysaccharides, methoxy isoflavone, and ecdysterone, with a placebo.
It involved 45 weight-trained men who were divided into groups of each respective agent. The result of the experiment was disappointing as the examiners failed to observe any remarkable changes between these groups.

That is, they observed no major improvements in free or total testosterone. There was no growth of lean mass or any development in the strength department.
Another 2019-based study took a sample of 46 weight trainers to participate in a 10-week program. The sample was separated into groups, one on a regular strength of ecdysterone and the second on a higher strength. The third group was given a placebo.

This time, the results transpired in favor of ecdysterone as the two groups showed an impressive level of muscle gain. The group on the higher dosage of ecdysterone showed an added degree of hypertrophy as compared to the regular group.


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