S-23 Capsules | 10mg x60

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  • Batch and lot coded with publicly visible lab reports to ensure quality and transparency.
  • Less than 10% variance in concentration, guaranteeing consistency.
  • Formulated and packaged to prevent capsule contamination in storage.
  •  UV resistance bottle to minimize degradation.
  • Tamper-proof seal to ensure safety in transit.
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S23 is a non-steroidal molecule that falls under the category of SARMs. It selectively binds to androgen receptors in the body. As with other SARMs, S23 is researched for its potential muscle-building properties without many of the side effects typically associated with anabolic steroids. S23 binds with high affinity to androgen receptors. Its selectivity allows it to promote anabolic activities in muscle and bone tissues, potentially increasing muscle mass and bone density. S23 is chemically distinct from traditional anabolic steroids. It binds to androgen receptors with a high affinity. Due to its selective nature, it’s believed to stimulate anabolic pathways more in muscle and bone tissues while having lesser effects on other tissues, such as the prostate. It’s essential to highlight that as of 2021, there has been a lack of extensive human clinical trials on S23. Most knowledge about the compound is derived from preclinical studies, anecdotal reports, and user testimonials. This lack of comprehensive human data makes it challenging to ascertain the full safety profile, efficacy, and potential long-term effects of S23.

  • Muscle Growth and Bone Health:
    • As with other SARMs, preclinical studies have indicated that S23 can increase muscle mass and bone density. This has garnered attention for potential use in treating conditions like muscle wasting diseases or osteoporosis.
  • Male Contraception:
    • One of the unique findings regarding S23 is its potential use as a male contraceptive. Animal studies have shown that S23 can suppress spermatogenesis (the production of sperm), leading to reversible infertility.
    • Once the compound is discontinued, sperm counts return to normal, making this a potentially novel approach to contraception.
  • Testosterone Suppression:
    • Studies indicate that S23 might cause significant suppression of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), leading to reduced natural testosterone production. This suppression is a common concern with many SARMs and anabolic agents.


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