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Stenabolic, also known by its short-form SR-9009, is frequently misidentified as a SARM, but in reality, it is a synthetic drug known as REV-ERB that was initially developed to aid in the investigation of the circadian rhythm. Athletes all too frequently fail to recognize the impact that strenuous exercise and other forms of physical stress can have on their mental state. Your performance in the gym may suffer due to this lack of focus, which may manifest itself in various ways, including mental haze, impaired alertness, and decreased concentration.

When you put all of this together, it makes perfect sense… A lack of concentration will lead to a lack of willpower, which will ultimately result in your inability to complete that additional rep. 

You are in luck because SR 9009 can assist you in turning the tables… In addition to increasing your lean muscle mass, improving your endurance, lowering your anxiety, lowering your cholesterol levels, reducing your weight, and reducing inflammation, Stenabolic has the ability to help stabilize your circadian rhythm, which will allow you to focus, stay alert, and concentrate on your workout.

How does it work?

In the section that was just before this one, we only touched on this topic fleetingly; however, in order to help you get a better idea, here is what we know:

The 24-hour cycles of activity that occur within our bodies are referred to as the circadian rhythm. This pattern is preserved through the utilization of a loop mechanism that alternately turns on and off your genes. For example, when the CLOCK and BMAL1 genes are activated, this also activates the PER and CRY genes. CLOCK and BMAL1 will be disabled as soon as they are activated. After that, the procedure starts over.

When you add SR 9009 to the equation, as you probably guessed, it boosts the activity of REV-ERB (NOTE: REV-ERB is found in your liver, muscles, and fat tissues) and causes the following:

Studies conducted on animals and in cells revealed that SR-9009 had the following effects:

Stenabolic can help prime your body, keep you focused (for up to 12 hours due to its short half-life), and ensure that you sleep like a rock.

SR9009 Review | Is It Worth It?
SR9009 Review | Is It Worth It?


We are the first to admit that the science that underpins this product can be a little bit overwhelming.

These are some benefits that you can anticipate receiving from using SR-9009:

  1. Turning off the genes responsible for glucose production (without wreaking havoc on your body’s insulin sensitivity). This is accomplished by switching off the genes that are responsible for glucose production. At the same time, this helps to boost your metabolism by increasing the production of mitochondria. Mice on a diet and then given injections of SR-9009 for a period of 30 days experienced weight loss that was 60% greater than that of mice that received a placebo. While in a separate experiment, genetically obese mice continued to gain weight for the first 12 days, then stopped (without their glucose levels being affected).
  2. Lean muscle mass: SR 9009 has been shown to increase the rate at which new muscle is produced by replacing worn-out mitochondria with fresh ones. This effect can be amplified by combining it with a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) such as ligandrol, which, when taken together, can speed up the process of gaining muscle mass.
  3. Stenabolic can help control LDL levels while also helping to raise HDL levels. The levels of triglycerides and total cholesterol in the blood of mice decreased after they were given SR-9009 for a period of 7-10 days.
  4. It is great news for your exercise routine that Circadian Rhythm – SR 9009 can help keep you active and alert for up to 12 hours a day. This is because it can help combat feelings of fatigue during intense workout sessions.
  5. Your rate of recovery after exercise can be sped up if you maintain a high level of active and youthful mitochondria in your body (i.e., if you phase out and replace mitochondrial cells that have become damaged or have died). Studies conducted on mice showed that SR-9009 was effective at reducing inflammation and tissue damage.
  6. Endurance: Taking SR 9009 regularly can help increase your endurance, which will allow you to train for longer without feeling exhausted. For example, if you normally reach your maximum heart rate after 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), taking Stenabolic will allow you to perform the same HIIT at only 75% of your maximum heart rate, giving you the ability to go an additional 10 minutes before reaching your maximum heart rate. In a study where mice were given SR 9009 for a period of 30 days, the mice demonstrated a significant increase in their endurance and were able to run for longer periods of time and cover greater distances.
  7. In addition to its ability to keep you alert throughout the day, Stenabolic can also help you enjoy a restful and disturbance-free night’s sleep, making it possible for you to wake up feeling refreshed.
  8. Anxiety: When mice were given injections twice a day for 3-10 days, they exhibited less behavior consistent with anxiety.

Should you buy it?

If we’re being totally candid here, the answer is no, and it isn’t. Stenabolic has NEVER been tested on humans, despite the fact that it is illegal and has been prohibited WADA. All of the current research has been conducted on mice, which, let’s be honest, aren’t exactly the same as humans biologically speaking.

Because of this, all of its claims that it will help you burn fat, improve your sleep, and stimulate the growth of new muscle are somewhat questionable.

Then, of course, there is the problem that many of the SR 9009 products sold on the internet are not genuine articles; rather, they are counterfeit imitations that have been manufactured using ingredients of low quality.

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